Inhale. Exhale. Excel.

Yoga for Athletes

No doubt you’ve heard the growing body of evidence and research regarding the benefits of yoga for athletes:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased biomechanical balance
  • Enhanced economy of movement
  • Increased agility and reaction time
  • Increased functional mobility
  • Enhanced resiliency
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Decreased chance of injury

The Results:  The Mindful Athlete

Mindful athletes know that time on the yoga mat is not only valuable for improving performance- they also find that mat time reduces anxiety, increases self-respect and goals are more frequently attained.

Mindful athletes approach their sport with greater focus, clarity and confidence. Mindful athletes possess greater equanimity: more effective learning from losses and ability to see their path toward success.

Teams of mindful athletes experience enhanced team spirit and cohesion.

Let’s work together

As an endurance athlete, with over 35 years experience and knowledge of exercise physiology and sports psychology, I have a unique perspective of how yoga can enhance an athlete from the inside out. I integrate yoga that is sport-specific and individualized. Athletes, maximize their strengths, minimize their weaknesses, and gain tools to help them stay in the game — not just during their high school, college or pro careers, but throughout life after their athletic careers.

My work with you as a coach or trainer:

At an initial consultation with you, I begin to assess the needs and the role for yoga. I ask about your team’s goals, and any concerns you have for particular athletes. Then, I create a yoga class that addresses the needs of the athletes and the team as a whole. This assessment and conversation is ongoing. My approach is communicative, collaborative, and I strive to help your athletes learn how to seamlessly incorporate yoga into their training.

Lisa is an essential part of our coaching staff.  The yoga she brought to our team zeroed in on our goals of core strength, flexibility, and mental focus.  Each session was tailored to fit the needs of our team throughout the season.  I found our team became better athletes, not just better swimmers.  Yoga has allowed us to have a well-rounded, balanced program.

Mojo, Swim Coach