I am a better person for having had Lisa walk alongside me during this important time of my life.

Lisa’s guidance was exactly what I needed as I approached the beginning of the seventh decade of my life. I wanted to hit the ground running as a strong and active woman in her 60s! Lisa stressed balance of the major forces in my life: activity, food, sleep, stress management, and mindfulness. She guided me through my self–exploration and betterment. Her depth of knowledge concerning wellness is immense. She encouraged me along the way and supplemented this with suggested readings and information sources. I am a better person for having had Lisa walk alongside me during this important time of my life.

– Claudette

Lisa has the enviable ability to listen and create conversation that leads to self discovery.

How can we possibly make changes or take those baby steps that lead us towards living the life we want to live without recognizing who we are and how we want to live? Lisa reminds a client that we are stronger, both mentally and physically, than we think we are and to not be afraid to push the boundaries a little. I don’t know who first said this, but I do believe it – growth happens outside the comfort zone. Lisa can safely lead you outside your comfort zone while giving you the tools and support to navigate new challenges. Lisa will “hear” what you are saying, you will listen to what you might really be expressing for the first time, and together manageable goals can be set and achieved. What makes Lisa special as a coach is her knack for working with a client on creating behavior changes that are achievable and incredibly fun and exciting in the process.

– Nancy

Lisa helped me clarify and move forward on fitness, nutrition, and life enhancing goals that gave me more energy, motivation and confidence!

She has a way of helping you look at a more “whole person picture” with her expertise and insights! I really enjoyed and benefited from my time with her and I highly recommend her as a wellness coach!

– Anne

Kind and Informative

Lisa is a kind and informative coach. If I have any concerns or issues, she addresses them and provides me with useful information. Lisa’s coaching helped me have a successful triathlon season. I reached a significant personal best at my last triathlon with the help of Lisa’s coaching.

– Rebecca F.

A Pleasure to Work With

Lisa is always a great pleasure to work with and is consistently aware and mindful of each individual’s limitations,  problem areas and goals, offering suggestions and modification of poses to suit.

– Mark N.

An Amazing Motivator

I have been working with Lisa for about two years.  She is an amazing motivator! I would never work so hard without her challenges.  

I appreciate her integration of yoga and cardio elements into her strength training routines and her attention to the specific strength and flexibility elements that help me improve as a swimmer.  I also appreciated her sensitivity and help in returning me to complete health after a major surgery.  Lisa is wonderful.

– Rebecca M.

Accessible, Knowledgeable, Compassionate and Constructive

I was Lisa’s wellness client for several months in 2015. My goals in working with her were to reduce some of my regular aches and pains and improve my energy levels and overall fitness.

I found it really helpful to check in with her every week, assess my progress against the past week’s goals and set goals for the upcoming week. I set goals with her for many aspects of my daily life, including number and types of workouts, eating habits, meditation and even alcohol consumption. Knowing that I had her as an accountability coach helped me stick to my weekly plans. She was so accessible, knowledgeable, compassionate and constructive. I really appreciated the fact that she didn’t try to give me all the answers but helped guide me to find my own solutions. I am grateful for having been able to work with her and would highly recommend her to others!

– Marcia V.

There is no failure when you work with Lisa

I met Lisa quite by accident and shared with her what I considered a lost opportunity to do a triathlon sprint. I was turning 60 and felt quite over the hill for such an event. Completely undaunted by my age, Lisa enthusiastically said, “Well this year you will do one!”

Working with me on running, swimming and biking (all of which needed a great deal of work), Lisa helped me believe that I could indeed be successful, and have fun at the same time. Now as I turn 67, and several sprints later, I am still working with Lisa and look forward to Tri Goddess June 2017.

Lisa has a teaching style which is both calm and empowering. Her positive attitude encourages growth and exploration in yoga positions. There is no failure when you work with Lisa and I always leave class feeling more light-hearted.

– Nancy M.

Positive and Calming Support

I am currently a yoga client of Lisa’s and have also been a running/personal training client.  Lisa helped me to train for and complete my first marathon, which was a huge accomplishment for me.  With Lisa’s support, it was a very positive and fun experience.  (I’m 61, but was 57 when I ran the marathon.)  I’ve also had personal yoga sessions with Lisa and have been in her yoga classes for several years.

Throughout my time working with Lisa, what stands out to me is her positive, calming support, mindfulness, and ability to help me believe in my own personal strength and ability. She meets you wherever you are and gently encourages you to stretch yourself and go beyond where you think you can.  Thank you Lisa!

– Theresa S.

A Great Match for Me

I have worked with Lisa as a private client and also as a student in her Yoga for Athletes class for about two years.  I have tried yoga classes many times over the years and had decided that I just wasn’t a “yoga person.”  I said time and again, that if there was a yoga class designed with athletes in mind, that might work for me.  Lisa’s style is a great match for me.  Lisa is an experienced and competitive athlete so she really understands both the minds and the bodies of cyclists, runners, swimmers, climbers and all around active people.  The classes are low key and her instruction is clear and focused.

Working with Lisa, I have regained considerable range of motion in my right shoulder and also flexibility in my hip joints that I thought was gone for good.

– Susie B.

Thank you Lisa!

We work with Lisa in our international management development programs to provide our managers with helpful workplace exercises to strengthen their individual resilience. Lisa made it possible, within a 30 minute session, to connect with the participants, to share her profound knowledge but also to provide tailored exercises to the group.

I was not sure at the beginning if engineers and business people would accept these type of exercises in an international management program. But Lisa has an exceptional personality! With her positive attitude and her gentle way of teaching, we received extraordinarily good feedback.

Thank you Lisa for making it possible and for supporting us in our programs.

– Stefan B.