Hello! I’m Lisa Hesse.

I’m a national board certified professional health and wellness coach, yoga instructor, and personal trainer. I am honored to help my clients acheive their health and wellness dreams and create sustainable, positive and strength-based super powers of joyful living. I live and work in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Energetic, adventurous, curious, optimistic, and excited about life: let’s make these circles around the sun count.

Exercise Physiologist; Health & Wellness Coach; Yoga Instructor; Neuro-Science/Anatomy Nerd

Our wellbeing relies the connection our physical and emotional selves. Many of us live in our heads, many of us live in our bodies, when we integrate the two our possibilities are endless.

Founded local chapter of Girls on the Run

I have lived my life pursuing my passion of helping women and girls find, embrace and live from a place of belief in their super powers of strength and possibility and to know that this belief will change not only themselves, but the world we live in. Please go check GOTR SEMI to see the amazing work this organization does.

I have been there:

Everyone has their story, and I am no different. I’ve had my share of struggles and have reinvented myself more than I care to comment on. This means I am perfectly human. I am amazed and so grateful that each day I have a chance to make the world a better place, from compassion, empathy, kindness and dogged red-headed determination.

I coach to a code of ethics and know exactly what to ask:

The right questions lead you to deeper insights. As a Nationally Board Certified health and Wellness coach I am bound by a code of ethics and committed to my ongoing learning and growth.


Life is messy. People depend on us. There’s plenty of distraction. Let’s take back YOU.


Start where you are.

Celebrating 30 Years of Experience in Health and Wellness!

  • Exercise Physiologist 
  • National Board Certified Professional Health & Wellness Coach, Wellcoaches™
  • Certified Personal Trainer, American Council of Exercise
  • Cancer exercise Specialist, Cancer Exercise Institute
  • Yoga Instructor, 500 RYT, Yoga Alliance
  • Founder, Girls on the Run of Southeastern Michigan
  • Certified running coach, Road Runner’s Club of America