The image you see here is not just a mason jar with a bunch of sparkly fun colors inside.

This mason jar is a representation of one of my favorite positivity games.

It goes like this

Every day you have teeny tiny moments of joy that pop quickly in and out of your awareness.  They are things like:

  • the smile you get from your barista
  • The quick sense of empowerment you have after shoveling last night’s snow
  • That moment of AHHHHH as you hold your warm beverage of choice prior to heading out the door
  • The funny conversation you overhear in the elevator
  • The silly way your dog plays with her tennis ball

The list goes on but if we are not careful they fall into the abyss of the 60,000 thoughts that occur in our minds every day.  Let’s gather them up!

STEP 1 – Take out a mason jar and grab a stack of recycled scraps of paper.

STEP 2 – At the days end, or actually whenever it fits into your day, write down one of those moments and put it in the jar.

STEP 3 – Watch as the jar begins to fill.

STEP 4 – Keep adding those moments.

Here’s is the really cool thing that happens when you look at that jar (yes, I confess I am a neuroscience nerd).  You get a hit of dopamine. Your joy muscle gets a little stronger. Literally by simply LOOKING AT THE JAR you will feel more hopeful and less stressed than just seconds ago.

Now….imagine if your jar gets full and you decide to empty the jar and you decide “oh, hey, I think I will read what’s on these slips of paper.”

Voila!! another major hit of positivity comes your way. 

This all took less than 5 minutes a day and the benefits show up all over your life.

When we tap into our positivity and embrace the teeny tiny moments of joy we add minutes to our life and, more importantly, begin to see the lightness of being human.

Want more tips and tricks to bring more positivity into your life?

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