One of my favorite Valentines Day memories is walking into the kitchen when I was 10 years old to find a mug with a single flower popping out of the top wearing a hand written note that said  “I love you Lisa”.

As a transplanted southerner to the west coast, my mom had a touch for the subtle and I loved this about her. Sunny, joyous, generous and oh so caring, she never passed up a crossword puzzle, always had a deck of cards at the ready, and seemed to me the epitome of calm, cool, collected with a dash of silly to spice it up.

Mom showed us her love in big ways and small, but it was the tiny micro moments that made a lasting impression.

She also had a share of loss and challenges- widowed at the age of 50, with 6 kids under the age of 22, she appeared as if she could take on the world. She was sharing her love through the modeling of grace, hope and grit.

It’s not lost on me now in my late fifties how powerfully critical the tiny moments of caring and love were and are for me now. I have noticed them showing up in my life more than ever before and I’m forever grateful for them.

Some may call these acts of random kindness, I call them love.

Moments such as:

  • The little note you find on your desk.
  • The sidewalk getting shoveled on a snowy day.
  • A friend spontaneously letting your dog out when you’ve had a long day at work.
  • The smile a stranger shares.
  • Someone taking the time to listen.
  • Connecting over a cup of ginger lemon tea.
  • Someone planting a seed of hope.
  • The watering and nourishing of any “mug” of potential kindness.

Whose LOVE is amplified for you today?