It’s time to think of self-love as not an extra TO DO but the only one that matters.

It’s time to stop listening to the narrative of busyness and instead rewrite the narrative.

It’s time to find, bring back, unleash that inner 5 year old that looked at the world as if she owned it.

Take the time NOW, because NOW is all you’ve got.

This is not the time to “try and find the time”

This is not about “getting to it when _____ leaves for college, enter’s middle school, exits diapers”

This is not the thing to do after you walk the dog, do the dishes, make dinner.

This is about being there for YOU.

It’s looking fear straight in the face and saying “yeah, I hear you, and this time I am not going to cave”

What happens then?

Fears that had you stuck disappear, but new ones make an appearance, and you keep going.

Then, you start to notice.

You get curious.

You cry, fall and breakdown. And then you get back up.

You begin to breathe with full, deep, move your ribs kind of breath.

Your family, friends, co-workers start to interact with you in a way that feels, dare I say it?  like respect.

You laugh. Out loud. A lot.

You dig deep. With a bright and colorful shovel.

Joy wraps her arms around you and whispers “welcome back”

Your heart opens.

Your glasses are no longer needed. Clarity is now your default.

You look into the mirror and shout “LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN PEOPLE”