Dear Snow Bank,

THNX! THNX! THNX! Here I thought I was going to be able to continue to wallow in my foggy, wintery, flu-infused misery a little longer as the snow turned into a frozen, yucky mass of mud. But then! I came home to find YOU at the end of my driveway.

Thnx! for reminding me that I have adventures to do this summer so why not do a little triathlon training mid January? Shovel, carry, drop, repeat. Great BRICK workout!

Thnx! for reminding me that even in the darkest of wintery days there are neighbors who also have to shovel, who stop by to have a laugh with me, give me the thumbs up, and even sometimes stop to help.

Thnx! for reminding me that loving kindness can be wrapped up in a heavy black parka and rain boots and gentle neighborly eyes peeking out from beneath a hood.

Thnx! for reminding me that I am not in control. Phew! That was a heavy burden to carry around.

Thnx! for reminding me of GRATITUDE. Gratitude that I wouldnt have a snowbank to remove if I didnt have a driveway and if I didnt have a driveway I wouldnt have a house and if I didnt have a warm house in which to go after shoveling where would I go?

And so, I start where I am, grab my shovel, wrap my dog’s leash around my waist, find a strength mantra ( I can do this!) and get to work in a place of gratitude, wonder and yea, a little bit of fantasy of what the gulf of Mexico must feel like right about now.

Thnx! Thnx! Thnx!