I’ve been sitting on this blog post for days. Why? Can’t seem to find my voice. Can’t seem to get the right juju going. Can’t seem to be able to say what I really want to convey. My self-critic is loud.  My easy-going-go-with-the-flow-jump-in-with-two-feet voice is taking a hiatus.

What If?

What if ….I just normalize that so many of us enter a new year, new role, new challenge, new (fill-iin-the-blank) with some measure of performance anxiety.  What if I simply see that worry/fear, name it, acknowledge its presence and then…..

What if I go ahead and jump in with this:

We tend to surround ourselves and be guided by too many SHOULDA, WOULDA, AND COULDA’S.

There are sooooo many voices clamoring in social media, on talk shows, and even in the research literature telling us HOW to make THIS YEAR GREAT. That statement alone sends chills up my spine. The year is ALREADY great, and so am I and so are you.

WHAT IF, equipped with that perspective, I jump into 2018 with abandon and belief?  Belief that the “me” I bring into this new year (including my strengths, hopes, vulnerabilities and propensity for mess) will find my way to and through the growing I want to pursue and the course corrections I need to make throughout the year?

WHAT IF I pull out my colorful Sharpees; grab a giant piece of paper; fill it with favorite, fun, inspiring, connecting, empowering, uplifting positive words (see sample! Thanks FB friends!); and, at some point during each day, I choose one word to guide me through the year, or month, or day, or just this next minute.

Intentions?  Resolutions?  Only to connect with the compassion and gratitude necessary to bring my full self to any given moment.

No need to start off 2018 with big aspirations. No need to already feel like you are behind the 8 ball at day 2 of the new year. Winter is too hard as it is.

WHAT IF: I recognize that I am awesome, strong, capable, amazing, competent, funny, silly, joyful, adventurous, grateful, connected……. recognize that I am ENOUGH.

What if this year STARTS with me simply embracing and celebrating all of who I am, including my skills and aspirations as well as my vulnerabilities and messiness? It seems that THAT, in and of itself, is accomplishment #1 of the new year.

                           HAPPY, HEALTHY, COURAGEOUS