Today’s musing is brought to you by Scout, the newest member of the family!

Here’s what happened: We’ve been visiting the Huron Valley Humane Society on a regular basis for a while. We had a very painful experience with another rescue two years ago, and before that I had lost two labs in short succession, so I was a little gun shy, but persistent. Like a dog with a bone (no pun intended!)

Ooh! Ooh! Pick me!

Friday I was there at 11:00 AM. Doubtful there would be a dog for us, but ever willing to try, I wandered into this space of pure positivity, loving kindness, compassion and community. If nothing else, I’d leave with a strong shot of positivity that would last for hours. Our list of “must have characteristics” included: adult, short hair, playful, athletic, under 30 lbs., needs to like water, minimal barking, and a kind a gentle temperament. Yep- a little lofty for a rescue mission, but patience was our mantra.

Then we saw her. Short hair? Check. Adult? Check (6 years old); Minimal barking? Check. Small stature? Check. Sweet nature? Check! Check! Check! Her breed, as best as they can tell, is a Black Mouth Cur. I had to look it up and here are their top features: KIND, LOYAL, ATHLETIC, TRAINABLE, FEARLESS, PROTECTIVE.

Scout staring down a squirrel.

We’ve named her Scout.

Today is day three of our new lives together. She has had a chance to run in a fenced yard with her amazing new friend Lucy the black lab and has demonstrated her quickness and stamina. She has managed to stay in the crate fairly well, and even went for a run with me and my running partners this morning.

She has shown what we all need in droves these days: PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND AFFECTION.

Who rescued whom??

Start where you are..

(and SIT, StAY, and HEEL too)