Welcome to my new adventure!Balance

I have been working on gaining the courage to throw myself into the blogging world and today is the day. I am admittedly a little nervous with that “butterflies in my gut” kind of feeling. I am acutely aware of my biggest fears: Will I be judged? Will people hate my writing? Will my posts seem irrelevant, or silly, or out of touch with reality?

YES! Yes, I will feel afraid. Yes, I will probably be judged. Yes, there will be people who will find my blogs uninteresting, irrelevant, off base, and probably random and out there. And that’s ok!

This blog is brought to you with authenticity, vulnerability, energy, loving kindness, compassion, excitement, adventure, curiosity and a whole lot of humility. I hope to share some wisdom about health, wellness, yoga, etc., and maybe some tiny seed of inspiration will land in your lap. Help YOU embrace your true amazing awesome self.

I often tell my clients “start where you are.” So, with that, I don my super cape of blogging energy and I look forward to starting with from where I am. HERE.