I get it: making changes for a healthier you isn’t always easy. Enter health and wellness coaching…

Ok, let’s start where you are. Perhaps you’d like to have more energy, or improve your sense of balance – life balance or physical balance.  Maybe you constantly take care of others ahead of yourself. Like so many people, you might suffer from chronic illness or carry extra weight. Maybe you’re driving yourself crazy with all the “maybes” or “if onlys.”

Enter health and wellness coaching! Explore the positive and powerful process that helps you take control. Enhance your well being on every level—from micro-changes that impact the everyday, to achieving your long-held dreams or goals.

You’re ready to make changes. I’m ready to go there with you.

Welcome! I'm Lisa Hesse.

Life is fluid and full of changes, right? My approach to health and wellness coaching helps you develop tools that are adaptable to many different life situations.

I work with women at all levels of wellness: women who want to improve their wellbeing; women recovering from illness such as cancer; women working to maintain their health in busy and dynamic world; and women who simply want to meet short term goals for a life event.

Time and again, my clients use the tools of wellness coaching to envision a healthier, happier self; identify the barriers that hold them back; and take those positive steps forward.

This process is highly individualized, it’s from the inside out, and it’s all about you.

Let’s Work Together


I provide health and wellness coaching for women. We can connect in person (Ann Arbor area & metro Detroit area), by Skype, or over the phone. Learn more about my individual wellness coaching. Have questions? Feel free to contact me.


With an emphasis on poses that enhance integrative movement, alignment, and restoration, I teach classes, individuals & athletic teams. I am also available for workshops and special occasions (think family reunions or pre-wedding celebrations). Learn more or reach out any time.

Lisa has helped me believe in myself to set and fulfill goals and has guided me to achieve wellness in all areas of my life.


I really appreciated the fact that she didn’t try to give me all the answers but helped guide me to find my own solutions.


There is no failure when you work with Lisa and I always leave class feeling more light-hearted.