lisa hesse shown sitting with another person in conversation

Life and Mindset Coach for Athletes

Release the Effort.  Trust the Strength.

lisa hesse shown sitting with another person in conversation

Are You Holding Onto:

  • The notion that Work/Life Balance exists
  • The belief that self-care is selfish
  • The idea that Change always has to be HARD
  • The story that your worth is equal to a number on a scale
  • The perception that you will get weaker as you age
  • The opinion that self-compassion means giving up
  • The choice is not really yours to make?
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What if you TRUST that:

  • Managing your energy will feel like balance

  • Self care is your right

  • Age is just a number

  • Strength comes in all shapes and sizes

  • Joy is already present

  • YOU matter

  • Compassion for self is the antidote to shame

lisa hesse shown sitting with another person in conversation

Who I Am

I have devoted my career to guiding my clients toward the space, tools and resources they need to feel connected, confident, and poised to make their impact on the world. 

Throughout my life I had to navigate “impossible” change. Some heartbreaking, like the death of a parent at an early age, the life threatening illness of a child, divorce…  And some liberating changes, like moving and finding new love. 

Through my own personal experience and my 40+ years of work in the fields of health and well-being, movement science, and the neuroscience of habit change, I have realized my Mission:

To make the world a better place by helping people make and sustain well-being habits that are aligned with their values and connected to their “Why this Matters” voice so that they can take up space and BE THE CHANGE.

lisa hesse shown sitting with another person in conversation

Work With Me

We will work together to develop your wellness vision. And, I will partner with you to develop a personalized strategic approach to achieving your vision.

We will have a wealth of strategies and tools from which you may choose, including but certainly not limited to: mindfulness stress reduction, movement, creative expression, and nutrition. We’ll explore and use compassion, humor, humility and beliefs (in yourself).

Each week you and I will have a coaching conversation about the steps you’ve taken toward making meaningful change. What went well? What to celebrate? What resistance or barriers did you discover that we can, together, plan to address? ALL information is valuable and actionable as you continue to actualize your vision!

You have access to me as your guide, your sounding board, your coach, and your accountability partner as you navigate these uncharted waters toward the life you know you deserve.

By the time our work together concludes, you will have learned a process to which you can return time and again. Sustaining wellbeing is active and ongoing through the push-pull of toggling life’s curve balls.

It’s time.

You’re here because you’re ready for the next phase of your life. And you’re not willing to bring with you old baggage — the emotions, the weight, the emotional heaviness — that you’ve been carrying all this time.  Life is a series of transitions.

How you navigate the “lifequakes” on your path will dictate how you feel, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 


You are not alone. 

I believe it is possible for us at any stage of life to reclaim our strength, passion, health and sense of comfort in our own skin, even if we may or may not have experienced it before. 

There’s no time like the present to reclaim YOU. 

I see you: 

You (desperately) want to reconnect with what’s possible, find your sense of adventure, make friends with (or at very least appreciate) with your physical body, and pursue purpose, joy, connection and your ability to make a difference.

I understand what it is like to feel like you’ve lost yourself during the inevitable ups and down and transitions of life. 

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Parenthood
  • Empty-nest
  • Injury
  • Moving 
  • Illness
  • Leaving behind the familiar
  • Embracing a new community

I have noticed several key anchors that can help my clients maintain connection to themselves, feel less lost, stay in control (of the things they can control) and make a meaningful contribution to their VIP’s and community. 

It’s simple but not easy.

You didn’t get to be where you are overnight. And you have probably tried many things to change the way you feel, the way you look, or the circumstances in your life you find unlivable. 

The way to make lasting change is by slowing down. Taking time. And experiencing the choices you make. So you can transform. 

This is your invitation to take meaningful action that will change the way you feel in your life with an expert coach to guide you finally feeling back at home in your own body and in your life.

I am a better person for having had Lisa walk alongside me during this important time of my life.

Lisa’s guidance was exactly what I needed as I approached the beginning of the seventh decade of my life. I wanted to hit the ground running as a strong and active woman in her 60s! Lisa stressed balance of the major forces in my life: activity, food, sleep, stress management, and mindfulness. She guided me through my self–exploration and betterment. Her depth of knowledge concerning wellness is immense. She encouraged me along the way and supplemented this with suggested readings and information sources. I am a better person for having had Lisa walk alongside me during this important time of my life.


Lisa inspires me to reach deep into my soul and discover capabilities within myself I didn’t know existed.

Her energy and motivation to seek adventure and to find goodness and abundance in the everyday are contagious and bring a sense of joy, wellbeing, balance, and peace.

– Shari K.

Lisa has the enviable ability to listen and create conversation that leads to self discovery.

How can we possibly make changes or take those baby steps that lead us towards living the life we want to live without recognizing who we are and how we want to live? Lisa reminds a client that we are stronger, both mentally and physically, than we think we are and to not be afraid to push the boundaries a little. I don’t know who first said this, but I do believe it – growth happens outside the comfort zone. Lisa can safely lead you outside your comfort zone while giving you the tools and support to navigate new challenges. Lisa will “hear” what you are saying, you will listen to what you might really be expressing for the first time, and together manageable goals can be set and achieved. What makes Lisa special as a coach is her knack for working with a client on creating behavior changes that are achievable and incredibly fun and exciting in the process.

– Nancy